Linocut | Take a look into a day at the printmaking studio with me and my process work!

Lithography | My photo-lithograph process work on the chrysanthemum print. Here is the first colour layer of the photo-lithograph I've been working on. The image is a photograph of a double-exposure chrysanthemum flower l developed in the darkroom. I’ve been putting this project aside, but now that l have the time, I'm happy to be back in the studio.

Linocut Reduction

2023 was a year full of experimentation on the Vandercook Letterpress. I wanted to transfer colour onto my work and I've created some botanical pieces by carving out my lino block and printing on the letterpress. I was a fun experience getting my hands on the technical aspect of the machinery than the manual procedure. I carved out each colour layers to form the design.

@itsybitsy_printmaker @helenart Hi folks! Here is a short video of me working on the Letterpress for the final layer of my peonies print 💕💐 ✨ _____________________ #linoblockprint #linoblockprint #linocut #artistsoftiktok #asianartist #reductionlinocut #printmaking #letterpress #printmakersoftiktok #reliefprint #peoniesart #reliefprint #openstudioto #CapCut #vandercook ♬ Sky Aesthetic - Tollan Kim
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