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Mooncakes | Linocut Reduction

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Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival is a celebration of family reunions where families come together to give mooncakes to one another, eat mooncakes and light lanterns. Symbolically the roundness of the mooncakes signifies completeness and reunion. The festival is celebrated during September or early October based on the Chinese lunar calendar. 

Paper size is approx 8" x 10" inches (20.3cm x 25.4cm) |  Printed on the Vandercook letterpress using Strathmore printmaking paper, 120gsm. 

Unframed, Limited Editions of 15, Numbered, Titled, and Signed,

Hand-Pulled Fine Art, Printmaking Original.

The print will include a thick cardstock backing to support the print and placed in a clear cello envelope. 

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