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"Only Time Will Tell" | Stone Lithography print

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“ Only Time Will Tell ” is a stone lithography, printed on 300-gsm Legion white paper (acid-free). 

Paper size: 11 1⁄4"  x 15" inches (28.5cm x 38.1cm)

A recent piece using Charbonnel tusche-wash, a form of lithographic drawing ink diluted with water. The technique is similar to watercolour painting. 

My approach to the concept of the piece is to represent "Time" itself; symbolic of an "hourglass". Universally, the hourglass reminds us that time waits for no one as time flies literally and often be seen as a reminder that life is fleeting and that every day we can hold space to cherish every moment we have with friends, loved ones & family.

The flower is the Vessel in offerings where the enclosed space is the flowing of time downwards to the stem. The outlining of the flora mirrors that of an hourglass. 

Limited Editions of 12, numbered, signed, titled, unframed

Hand-drawn, Hand-Pulled Fine Art, Printmaking Original.

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