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"Flowers for you" | Linocut Reduction

$150.00 CAD

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The artwork is printed on a 14" x 11" inch  (35.5cm x 27.9cm) Strathmore printmaking paper, 120gsm. The image is approximately 8"x 6" and printed on the Vandercook letterpress.

The piece is inspired by a poem I wrote about mourning, healing and love. Flowers are often symbolic in gesture and connotate different meanings: 

    " I’ve stopped looking into the mirror these days 

because all I could see is grief,

the oceans behind my eyes has been witnessing thunderstorms

every time I’m reminded of you,

so I lay flowers in mourn,  

flowers for you,

  For you "  

Unframed, Limited Editions of 25, Numbered, Titled, and Signed, 

Hand-Pulled Fine Art, Printmaking Original 

The print will include a thick cardstock backing to support the print and placed in a clear cello envelope. 

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