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"Roots That Floats" I Linocut Reduction

$110.00 CAD

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         My inspiration came from adopting a monstera clipping from an artist I met at work. Her work corresponds with botanicals and her plant process-based method where she prints using type font onto plants. The verse I received from the monster clipping inspired me to create this piece: 

"Roots that float and trust that they will be anchored again".  

Somehow I thought about creating an imagery of a chrysanthemum floating and reminding me to stay grounded. 

Paper size is approx 8" x 10" inches. Printed on the Vandercook letterpress using Strathmore printmaking paper, 120gsm. 

Unframed, Limited Editions of 15, Numbered, Titled, and Signed, 

Hand-Pulled Fine Art, Printmaking Original 

The print will include a thick cardstock backing to support the print and placed in a clear cello envelope. 

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